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About Us

Based in NSW our organization specializes in providing technological solutions for businesses to improve their efficiency, productivity and reach their market. What makes us different? We are confident of our products and we are confident the is the best solution available for most business. We don't simply show you a demo before you sign a contract with us, we will show you how the system works with your data. We will be showing you the end result, so you will be able and confident to assess if Bloom is the right system for you. You will not going to have surprises the day after you sign the contract. Also, Bloom is a web based system, which means you can access the system via your desktop, notebook, tablet or phone, without additional license. You pay once, for all, for unlimited users. Last and not least, we are the owners of the source code, we are not resellers like many other software distributor around, this means that we have full control on the times of delivery, customizations and offers, we don't have to wait for approvals from anyone.


Happy Clients We don't work as IT providers only, we create a relationship, we became your off-site IT partner, just a phone call away.


Projects Since we start, every project has been different, we create a solution the suit the needs of every single employee in your business


Years of experience We are long time in the market, we know exactly how to help


Answers We believe in communication, we are great listener. We want and need to learn everything about your industry before giving the right answer

Services and steps

Every successful project happens in 4 different steps

We meet

On site or on line, we grasp every bits of information needed.

We plan

We create and agree on a strategy and a road map

We develop

We build a tailor a solution for your needs

We launch

When everything is tested and good to go, we make it real!

Master Data

The data is the most important IT asset of your company. Do you have an efficient tool to manage, extract, manipulate and store your company informations? Including product specifications, orders, sales and contacts.

Labeling and Inventory

Do you have a system able to label a keep full traceability of every single product produced? Are your product labeling information easy to retrieve? Are your barcode GS1 ready? Do you have full visibility of your inventory at any given time?


Do you have a quick and efficient solution to generate invoices for random measure products? If you have to invoice 200 cartons of products, and in each carton you have a different amount of product, how do you measure the total weight, liter, or square miter to invoice to your customer?


Do you have an efficient and easy to use solution to provide to your employees in order to quickly perform every stock control operation minimizing errors? Do you know every day how much stock do you use and how much profit did you make with the stock sold? How do you measure the important metric of your business?


Our happy customer are available to share their experience and feedback with you


Contact us now! We will customize the pricing depends on you circumstances.


How do I set a barcode for my products?

Our consultant will work with you at any step of the process, if you don't have an account with GS1 yet, we will support you creating an account and we will show you how manage the barcodes efficiently.

How long it will take to have the system up and running in my business?

We need to consider the amount of customizations required for you personal needs, usually, if we have a good support from few team members in the business, we can plan to launch the system in less than 20 working days. To speed up the process we will migrate the data from your old system to the new system, including the inventory if is possible.

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